Paris, France

I went to Paris for a weekend, during my stay in the Netherlands. Took a bunch of pics. Enjoy!

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As promised, pics of my 2 weeks in Spain. I was at Barcelona Electric with Javi Castaño and his crew, in Barcelona for 5 days. Then it was off to see my peeps at Carnivale in Palma. Enjoy!

These are just some pics of a super funky hotel I stayed at my first night in Barcelona


Barcelona Electric


Getting my head tattooed by Javi


Just an insane deadbolt on the door to my apartment


A walk around the city


Palma. Not many pics for Palma, this was my 3rd time there.


and here’s a couple more pics from Rotterdam that I overlooked


Rotterdam Pt 2…….finally

I know I said I was gonna add a part 2 to the Rotterdam pics like 3 months ago, but I just never got around to it. Blogging really isn’t one of my favorite activities. Better late than never, right? Anyway, here ya go. The pics that follow are mostly just random shots of Holland, accompanied by a few tattoos that I did…And one that I got…on my foot. FYI- Getting your feet tattooed sucks balls. There are also some really cool pics I took of some WW2 German bunkers while riding through Oostdijk, Nederland. 

I will also be posting pics from Spain, but that will be in another post at another time. Maybe tomorrow, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe.