Paris, France

I went to Paris for a weekend, during my stay in the Netherlands. Took a bunch of pics. Enjoy!

IMG_3072 IMG_3069 IMG_3027 IMG_3118 IMG_3117 IMG_3119 IMG_3122 IMG_3121 IMG_3120 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3128 IMG_3127 IMG_3126 IMG_3129 IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3137 IMG_3134 IMG_3136 IMG_3133 IMG_3135 IMG_3132 IMG_3138 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3172 IMG_3171 IMG_3170 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3242 IMG_3241 IMG_3240 IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3245 IMG_3249 IMG_3248 IMG_3246 IMG_3250 IMG_3251 IMG_3252 IMG_3256 IMG_3255 IMG_3254 IMG_3260 IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3261 IMG_3263 IMG_3259 IMG_3266 IMG_3265 IMG_3264 IMG_3267 IMG_3269

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