Salmon Arm, BC!!

Some pics of my stay at my buds place in British Columbia. I will be adding one post of my road trip every Monday. I’m also attaching a video I took with a GoPro I mounted to my bike, traveling from Salmon Arm to Vancouver. There’s a sound track to it so turn your volume up. Enjoy!

Jeremy Riley gettin loose on my dome!

Relay until death, bitch!!!

Julia Gulia

Dragon, one session 6 hrs

one session, 3hrs. One tough S.O.B.!!

Classic Tattoo, Red Deer, Alberta

As I promised, blog post #2 of my road trip. The following pics are from my visit with my good friends at Classic Tattoo in Red Deer. I stayed at a cool campground on the edge of town while I was in town, which is where most of these pics were taken. Enjoy!


Getting my hammerhead done. By Ryan Gagne

The Tiger shrimp, done on Ryan Gagne by me

Fun piece I did At Classic

Aaaaand back on the road again. Next stop – Salmon Arm, BC

I’m back!

Hello my friends. I know I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time, almost 5 months, but I am here now to do just that. I have a lot to update too. I finally returned home from my motorcycle road trip last Monday, the 12th, which covered 25 states (some of them twice), 4 Canadian provinces and 14,000 miles. I have many photos to share, plus some videos I took with my GoPro during my ride. I have waaay too many photos to cram into one blog post, so I am going to break them up into several posts which, hopefully, I will get to this week. I’m shooting for one post a day, but we’ll see what happens ;). So, I guess we will start where my last post ended with some pics of my stay in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Enjoy!

Jody’s bugfilled fairing after an evening ride

Cupcakes that Keely made for my birthday

Racing to work

New pipes for the bike!

Genius at work

Giving Ben a helping hand

Jody and Keely, comparing fashion accessories

I also had the privilege of helping Jody with the deck for his cabin.

When he invited me to the cabin for the weekend, this aint exactly what I had in mind. lol!

In progress

Super kickass neon dragon at Jody’s shop, Ink Addiction Tattoos

Packed and ready to hit the road again! Next stop – Classic Tattoo, Red Deer, Alberta

Alberta bound!!