Road trip 2012

Howdy peeps! I started on a road trip with my motorcycle on Thursday, June 21st. My first destination was Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I arrived there on Tuesday June 26th and stayed until the 30th. I am now in Saskatoon and will be here for most of July. The following pics are from my ride north from the Florida Keys, where I live. My ride north has so far taken me through Florida (obviously ), Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba (Canada) and Saskatchewan (Canada). I took some video also, with my GoPro, but will be posting those later when I have a faster internet connection. Enjoy!

Pompano, Florida. On the road again, in the rain again. :/

Hot as balls, Georgia

Missouri/Arkansas border

Katy”s Kampground, Coumbia, MO

whats left of a bird that met his doom on my handlebar

Canby, Minnesota

Canby, Minnesota

Camping in Hillsborough, North Dakota

Camping in Hillsborough, North Dakota

Somewhere in Minnesota

Gassin up in Minnesota

Finally freed by the Customs agents!


On the way to Saskatoon

A whole bunch of ugly up ahead

Made it to Saskatoon….and only got a little wet

Stay tuned, more to come!!