Well….I’m In Ireland. Landed in Dublin on June first and it’s been nonstop since I arrived. Attended the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival in Cork from the 2nd till the 7th. It was a camping event, no hotels, which was fun. From Cork we went on a road trip. Our next stop was Ballybunion to see some friends. The next day, we drove to The Burren and camped out on the side of a mountain. Then off to Sligo, Longford, then finally back in Dublin, which is where I am now. So here are some photos of my escapades. I have a shitload of pics so I’m only posting a few on here. You can see more on my Facebook page.

You can see some video of our road trip here;

…….and I found a Timmy’s in Ireland

By vincentiusmaximus

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