Travel plans and tattoos!

Hi all! It’s that time of year again, for me to hit the road and ply my wares. I will be starting my journey April 1st in Canada, at Ink Addiction in Saskatoon, SK. From there I’ll be heading west to Burnaby, BC, with a few stops along the way. Once in Burnaby, I will, hopefully, be getting my back piece started at The Dutchman by my good buddy, the amazing  Ryan Halter.

Come June, I will be in Cork, Ireland attending the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival. Probably gonna bop around Ireland for a few weeks, then it’s off to Spain for July and The Netherlands for August/September. I will be listing exact dates in the near future.

And now, for your entertainment, some tattoos i’ve done recently. Enjoy!

Horiyoshi III, still in progress


By vincentiusmaximus