Some weekend fun in Mallorca!!

here are some pics from my weekend. enjoy.

The taxis here are too damn small!!

the taxis here are too damn small!!

A lunchtime dip in the Med.

some beachside acrobatics by Robbie C

some Saturday afternoon tattooin

We went for a ride through the mountains on Sunday.

That water was fuckin cold!!

By vincentiusmaximus

Todays entertainment

These 2 are on the same guy. He had a few pieces on his calf and wanted me to fill in some  of the empty spaces.

By vincentiusmaximus

Todays project

By vincentiusmaximus

2 tattoos…

…that I did on Saturday and Sunday, plus some more random pics of Mallorca.

By vincentiusmaximus

Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2010

So, here goes, figured I’d start off my blog with some pics I took my second night in Palma. After going for tapas and beer, my gracious hosts took me for a stroll around the city. Enjoy.

By vincentiusmaximus